You’re currently looking at one of the oldest fish market warehouses in Adelaide, circa 1880. We pride ourselves on being “The People’s Bar” constantly evolving and looking for the next great thing to offer our beloved locals. We love music and art as much as you do. 55ml presents a smorgasborg of entertainment, supporting local and international acts, big and small. Eclectic drinks menu featuring a wide array of tastes, both local and
international. If there is something you’d like to see, smell, taste, experience be sure to let us know.


Bar 55ml was opened in May 2016 on a little known laneway called Mill Street during the rebirth of Adelaide’s hospitality scene. With creative venues & eccentric ideas inspiring industry people & patrons alike to get excited about food and booze! Inspired by the energy in Adelaide and the incredible hospitality we had experienced in our travels it seemed natural, if not necessary to join in the excitement!